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LSCB sub groups

The multi agency Local Safeguarding Children Board is arranged in the following way; The Board, the Executive and then sub groups below.

  • The Board – Membership is at a senior level (able to speak for their organisation; commit on policy and practice; hold their organisations to account) from partner organisations across Cheshire West and Chester. It sets the strategic direction of the LSCB and monitors and supports the effectiveness of protecting children in the local area. The Board meets bi-monthly.  It has an Independent Chair.
  • Executive Group – This group drives the business of the LSCB and all the sub groups report in to the Executive on progress of action plans to meet the strategic objectives of the LSCB. The Executive meets monthly and reports to LSCB Board.

The sub groups are:

  • Quality Assurance – This group is responsible for the detailed work of scrutiny and challenge on behalf of the LSCB. It does this through the analysis of performance information and agencies reporting on the effectiveness and impact of their safeguarding children activity.
  • Learning and Development – This group develops the training strategy to ensure that agencies receive appropriate training in child protection; agrees on the delivery of multi agency, and the quality of single agency child protection training.
  • Policy and Procedures – This Pan Cheshire group meets quarterly to address procedural issues and discuss how best to implement new legislation, regulations and practice guidance to improve and support all partner agencies in the protection of children across Cheshire. Cheshire West and Chester LSCB also has a local sub group Policy Practice and Standards that works closely with the Pan Cheshire group to ensure that all local policy and procedures are up to date and effective.
  • Audit and Case Review Group -This group oversees governance of the multi-agency audits, local Practice Learning Reviews (PLRs) and Serious Case Reviews (SCRa). It monitors the actions from these reviews and holds partners to account for ensurign that learning is effectively disseminated.
  • Cheshire Child Death Overview Panel – Responsible on behalf of the four Cheshire LSCBs for reviewing all child deaths within Cheshire.  CDOP reports annually to the LSCBs and the Dept for Education on local child death statistics.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation,Missing from Home or Care and Trafficked Children – This group is tasked with advising and leading the LSCB’s work to understand and prevent child sexual exploitations risks and issues in West Cheshire.